Engineering- To B.E or not to BE?

“Engineering”, what comes to your mind when you hear about this word- I believe your mind would have been filled with imagination of flying cars to bullet trains, App development to 5G technology and what so ever. What ever object we see around ourselves has somewhere or other related to engineering. It is all possible because of those engineers who make it possible. There has been many articles that I have read which emphasis on one question, are all the engineers graduating have the same skill sets to make them industry ready. With too many engineers and far less jobs, can your engineering degree alone suffice the companies’ demands?

Fun fact- Every year on an average 1.5 million students are graduated from India, this count basically equals to 25% of the total population on Singapore.

There was a time, a couple of decades ago, when the Indian Engineer could sail through college and land a job without falling prey to cutthroat competition as he is now. But today the times have changed. India’s engineering boom that started in the 90s still goes strong today and has resulted in a great disparity: there are over 19 lakh engineers in the country and not even half the number of jobs. Now that so many become engineers, the indicative function of their technical degree fails, and employers have to distinguish the technically proficient from the rest. This is nothing related to issue of our student knowledge rather our education system where the emphasis is given more on the marks instead of practical learning.

So, I have been doing research from the past few week and came across this hash number that in India 50-55% student graduating from the college lack the knowledge for placement. So, My intension here is to help my fellow friends of mine who will be or are struggling to get a job. I have connected many of my engineering friends who are either doing wonders with their job and few who are pursuing research and got a lot of information that can help you overcome this fear.

Fun fact- Below graph shows number of people graduation in 2019 from various engineering stream.

In Year 2019

I have collected the data which will help people graduating from these field.

1. Try to learn at least one programming language-

India being a software supporting country, there are many MNC’s which hire you irrespective from what ever stream you are but only on the basic of coding you know. So, it is important that you know the basic of at least one of the programming language. Below, I have mentioned we website from where you can learn, practice and evaluate yourself, where most of them do not require any prerequisite knowledge to the subject.

  1. GeeksforGeeks – Best site for a beginner to start
  2. Udemy– Video lecture for Beginner, where at the end after complete the quiz and do a certification.
  3. W3Schools– Best site to learn and practice your code without need of any native environment.
  4. LinkedIn Learning- Courses directly from Industry Experts.
  5. Hackerrank- Once you have learned the basic and gained some confidence try solving codes given here, after completing the levels you can apply for jobs based on yours stars achieved.
  6. Last but not the least, below mentioned books can help you understand the basic of subject knowledge.

2.Try to learn CAD designing Software’s-

This is specifically for mechanical and electronics engineering students. The engineering knowledge mostly compresses of theoretical knowledge, we student lank the same to convert into industrial product. To bridge this cap it is important to have knowledge of CAD software’s. I have mentioned below courses to learn the software’s used in industries, these courses cost you less than 7$ but gives you immersive knowledge. Also, all the below mentioned software have student free version available.

  1. Altium PCB designing– for electrical pcb designing
  2. Fusion 360- for Mechanical model designing
  3. Solidworks- for Mechanical model designing
  4. Orcad PCB designing– for electrical pcb designing
  5. Last but not the least, below mentioned books can help you understand the basic of subject knowledge.

3. Try to Learn Server Management and Networking-

Server and networking goes hand in hand. But, they are 2 wide domain. Normally, people can easily get a job if they have done one the certification related both the topics, I have mentioned below the certification course that can land you a job directly.

  1. AWS Certification– for Server management
  2. CCNA Certification– for Networking

4. Try to complete your PG Diploma in specialization-

Doing any specialization course related to your field is always beneficial, In India, we have 2 most repudiated institute which conduct PG Diploma in various specialization. There institute have their own common entrance Examination and the fees ranges from 40k to 90k.

  1. Vector Institute of technology– Embedded systems
  2. Center for Development of advance computing– Many courses related to software and hardware.
  3. Skill-lync– For mechanical, automobile and electric vehicle specific.
  4. PG Diploma from BITS pilani- Specifically designed for working professional

5. Try to Pursue Master in Technology/ Management

If you want to more away from technology and pursue your career in management then this is what you are looking for- try to Complete your Master in business management from IIM-A/B/C, these master program is quite competitive and requires you to clear CAT examination. Similarly, if you want to pursue further in the field of research than try pursuing Master in Technology from IIT, this program is also quite competitive and require you to clear GATE examination.

I hope the above mentioned details may help you to compete in this challenging environment. I have tried to cover as much details as possible but this is limited. There are many more possibilities to your carrier if something doesn’t work out. All you need to do is continuous perseverance. All, I have kept the comments section open, please try to add up to my points and help your fellow friends.

Hope you might have decided till now- “Is Engineering – To BE or not to B.E?

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